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"A Carefully Curated Exemplar Of Why He Compels The World"- Album Review: Harry's House By Harry Styles

Boyband icon turned solo Coachella headliner, Harry Styles, has been praised since 2010 for his effortless easing into the ‘rockstar’ lifestyle of fame, with comparisons to the likes of Mick Jagger consistently drawn. 2022 saw Styles return with his third solo album, titled ‘Harry’s House’, and, akin to the name, it can definitely be defined as a more personable and mature look into the inner workings of the singer’s thoughts, particularly when compared to his previous projects. Amrit Virdi revi

Album Review: Alfie Templeman - 'Mellow Moon'

19-year-old rising indie-pop sensation Alfie Templeman has released his long-awaited debut album Mellow Moon. A definitive summer record with its upbeat synths, drums and guitars, Amrit Virdi shares her thoughts on how the debut fares for the singer. After seeing Alfie Templeman on tour at Nottingham’s Rescue Rooms a couple months back, his sheer talent as a young singer-songwriter shone through his performance and made me extremely excited for his debut album. His 2021 ‘mini-album’, Forever Is
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The Reality of GirlBoss and Comparison Culture | Her Campus

In a world where side hustles and productivity at every hour of the day is becoming increasingly more ‘normalised’, it’s easy to feel as if you aren’t doing enough. It’s of no doubt that women are continuously breaking boundaries and achieving so much. But along with this, it seems notable to evaluate whether the ‘GirlBoss’ culture that has stemmed from it is empowering or causes too much pressure upon women. According to NastyGal founder Sophie Amoruso’s book, a girlboss is someone ‘’whose suc

"An Outstanding Mix Of Humour And Emotion"- Theatre Review: Wuthering Heights @ Theatre Royal

Amrit Virdi shares her thoughts on Wise Children’s clever adaptation of Wuthering Heights as it comes to Nottingham’s Theatre Royal from 26th – 30th April. With Wuthering Heights being a well-known classic from Romantic author Emily Brontë, and one of my favourite novels, I had to take the opportunity to see Wise Children’s take on the story at Nottingham’s Theatre Royal. With it being quite an intense plot, complicated at times, I was intrigued as to how this would be translated onstage, parti


Burnley bred five-piece, The Goa Express, approach the industry with an air of assurance as their friendship and love for music seamlessly unites them. Amrit Virdi chatted with vocalist James Clarke as the band prepare to head out on tour. ‘’We were all into music and decided it got a bit boring just listening to it, so we started to do it ourselves,’’ Clarke reveals in relation to the band’s origins. Clarke and his brother Joe who became the keyboardist for the band met the other members, Joey
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Is The Dramatisation of Reality TV Necessary? | Her Campus

Geordie Shore, Made In Chelsea, The Only Way Is Essex, Too Hot To Handle, Below Deck, Love Is Blind… As much as some of us would hate to admit it, reality TV in all of its forms can be a guilty pleasure which many love to indulge in. But is reality tv actually ‘reality’ nowadays? From a very young age (I blame my older sister for making me watch it when she was babysitting me) I remember watching reality shows and being amazed that some people lived the life that was portrayed on screen. But fa
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A Guide: Nottingham’s Best Clubs | Her Campus

Whether you’re a first year or a fourth year, being a uni student in Nottingham inevitably means a visit to the city’s clubs. From DnB dominated dancefloors to the cheesiest hits ever made, the nightlife here caters for a wide range of tastes, so if anyone’s lost on where to go for a night out then this guide could hopefully be of some help. It’s a rite of passage to experience Ocean as a Notts student – the only student nightclub in the city, Ocean is bound to offer you a fun night… with an in

Interview: Yard Act On Debut Album ‘The Overload’ And Breaking Into America

Following the surreal success of their debut album reaching Number 2 in the UK charts after the intense graft the band have put in playing shows all over the world to put their name on the map, Yard Act are well and truly making their, very British, mark on the industry. As they embark on tour following the announcement of their 2022 Coachella set, Amrit Virdi caught up with the band for Impact. “I love the backdrop,” guitarist Sam Shjipstone muses as I tune into the Zoom call with my fairy-lig

"Transferred His Infectious Energy To The Eager Audience"- Live Review: Alfie Templeman @ Rescue Rooms

On March 9th, Alfie Templeman took to the stage at Nottingham’s Rescue Rooms, and brought the energy of indie-pop to life. Despite his young age, and being open about his struggles with anxiety, his stage presence was unmatchable as he seamlessly worked with his band to give a new lease of life to his feel-good discography. He transferred his infectious energy to the eager audience, which Amrit Virdi was a part of, as she shares her thoughts on the show. Arriving at Rescue Rooms early, I was luc

Motorsport Misogyny – It’s Time For Change | Her Campus

Amrit grew up in a family who were avid Formula One supporters, meaning that she was exposed to the sport from a young age, and now is somewhat knowledgeable on the sport, even co-hosting a F1 podcast, called Girls in Pole Position. However, despite this, she still faces some backlash from fanbases, which are not as diverse and accepting of all people as you would expect. Despite some advancements, the motorsport community still has a long way to go… Despite this, myself, along with many other
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